Millions of children worldwide grow up trapped in poverty, fear or despair, their lives influenced by abuse, war, HIV, homelessness or the loss of their parents. But these children don’t need pity. They need physical and emotional security and the chance to fulfill their God-given potential.


Currently, there are more than 75 million children around the world of primary school age who are not in school. Many of our projects tackle the causes behind children missing out on education, or ensure education can continue, even in unstable situations.

All our activities aim to involve children in the decisions that affect their lives and we AIM to empower them through various ways:



  1. Plant and build Bush schools to give children the opportunity to receive education for free.
  2. Train local teachers to assist and teach children.
  3. Provide WATER SOLUTIONS for bush schools to make sure children has access to clean water. Boreholes and projects with the community are a few ways we are looking at solving clean water at schools.
  4. Provide school materials;
  5. Planting of food gardens and fruit trees with schools that will provide healthy alternatives for school kitchens.
  6. Building of libraries

Jesus was concerned about children and their needs. He enjoyed their company and loved to spend time with them. We spend time with children leading them in a loving relationship with Jesus Christ by:

  1. Distribution of Children’s Bibles – assisting children to have their own Bible
  2. Bible study groups

  1. Making sure children are taken care of by providing clothing and the necessary physical care they need to live a dignified life;
  2. Health assessments throughout the year;
  3. Placing children in safe homes when parents die and follow-up to ensure children can continue their education process.

  1. To provide, where necessary legal care for children under threat.
  2. Many young girls find it very difficult to attend school due to preconceived ideas by communities or cultural influences. We provide schooling for girls and join the fight to make sure everyone has the opportunity to fair education regardless of race, culture or religion.

  1. School materials, books, pencils and mathematical sets;
  2. Children Bibles
  3. Funding for libraries, boreholes and construction of schools
  4. Seeds for garden


Men and women who see the needs of their people and are prepared to DO SOMETHING about it are the key to helping people find the way again. We call these people leaders. We equip leaders to face the overwhelming challenges through various programs.

Through Harvesters Ministries International we train and teach pastors to plant churches in 42 African countries. But not only to plant churches but identify leaders in those planted churches and train them through a proven transparent and accountable program.


With more than 200 million Africans who has never owned a Bible we make sure to help provide scarce Bibles to Believers in poor and desolate communities. We partner with Bibles for Believers to provide Bibles to Mozambique and other African countries.


Spiritual guidance and helping leaders to identify social problems in their communities and how to tackle these are all part of our daily programs with leaders.


  1. Bibles
  2. Bicycles
  3. Sponsorship of materials eg. evangelism materials US$10 per pastor.

Leadership Training

Men and women who see the needs of their people and are prepared to DO SOMETHING about it are the key to helping people find the way again. We call these people leaders. We equip leaders to face the overwhelming challenges through various programs.

  1. Through Harvesters Ministries International we train and teach pastors to plant churches in 42 African countries. But not only to plant churches but identify leaders in those planted churches and train them through a proven transparent and accountable program.

  1. We provide woman with the opportunity to study entrepreneurship and help them in a practical way by creating their own brands with arts and crafts they produce locally. Groups with access to the necessary materials also make handcrafts in order to generate the much-needed income for their families.
  2. We provide water pumps in hungry rural communities where woman run agricultural programs. These water pumps are placed in strategic points alongside the Zambezi river in Mozambique. These programs are run by ladies in associations which provides water for gardens.

  1. Water pumps
  2. Stationary eg. pens, pencils, books etc.
  3. Emergency relief eg. maize
  4. Bibles
  5. Sponsorship of US$20 per women to help them through the course.


200 Million Christians in AFRICA Do NOT have a Bible

It is estimated that over 200 million believers in Africa alone DO NOT HAVE THEIR OWN BIBLES. The church across the world has prayed for missions for decades. God has answered these prayers and thousands of churches are being planted with millions turning to Christ each year (see 2008 statistics). However, we are in danger of making converts and not disciples. Millions do not have access to the Word of God. We work together with BIBLES FOR BELIEVERS to ensure Bibles get to the areas we work in, where it is most needed!

Churches across Africa, India, China, Asia and South America have gone without Bibles for years. Most missionary organizations, church planting movements and evangelists simply cannot provide Bibles out of their budgets. Even where evangelism and church planting have been done in the most responsible way possible, organizations have been victims of their own success – more people are coming to faith than can be catered for in terms of Bible distribution.

It seems as if the Churches which have sent the missionaries, have not realized or been made aware of this substantial backlog. Many Christians do not realize there is a real danger in producing converts and not disciples.

Young believers and new churches have come under the influence of bad teaching, controlling leadership and cultic doctrine. Without the Scriptures these churches and believers could just as well be living in the Dark Ages. Just as before the Reformation individuals had no insight into the Bible and had to believe anything taught from the pulpit, so today millions live without exposure to God’s life giving Word. In many places even the leader has no Bible.

It is in this reality that thousands of new denominations are born. People are led astray, factions abound, knowledge of God dissipates, and people cannot discover God’s will in the pages of Scripture. New believers do not understand Grace, God’s Sovereignty or His love. They cannot find comfort in the Word. Many continue to live in pagan rituals and sinful immorality.

People need the Lord. People need the Word. The only possible solution to this crisis is for every believer, and every church, to make a concerted effort to get the Bible into the hands of poor fellow believers.

There are three main reasons for the lack of Bibles.

1. Translations

It is true that there are still many people groups without a Bible or portion of Scripture in their language or dialect. However there are wonderful organizations addressing this challenge. Furthermore, many people speak a second language that does have a translation. While it should be our goal that every believer has the Word in his or her home language, access to a second language does help.

2. Illiteracy

In many places literacy and illiteracy play an important factor when it comes to accessing the Scripture. However, most families have at least one person who can read; or if necessary, a friend at church. The problem is that even if everyone could read and no Bibles are available, no one has access.

3. Poverty

This is the overriding problem when it comes to the lack of Bibles. In many places a Bible costs a significant portion of a person’s annual income. In some places even more than that. Bibles are available at some shops in some cities or at the Bible Societies. These can be hundreds if not thousands of miles away. For rural people who seldom,if ever, leave their villages the Bible is completely inaccessible. For this reason Bibles for Believers works alongside churches, church planting organizations and in partnership with those who can give, to purchase and deliver God’s Word to God’s people.

As you read this consider for a moment how many Bibles you own. What would it be like if you did not have a Bible and you did not know a single person who owned a Bible?

Now consider this: How much are you willing to sacrifice so that brothers and sisters in Christ may receive a copy of God’s word?


To place a Bible in the hands of a believer amounts to R100 per Bible or R2 500 per box of 20-24 Bibles.


We also provide Bibles to the illiterate believers as well as blind believers. As they cannot read we provide MP3 Bibles which works through a solar panel connected to the player. The cost of a MP3 Bible is US$20.

What Can You Do?

Your personal involvement can make a real difference and help provide many Bibles for our needy brothers and sisters. What follows here are several project ideas aimed at different groups.

This list is just a guideline. If you have an idea for a project please contact us.

Please accept that for legal purposes we need to provide you with a letter before you start a formal project in our name. Simply let us know that you want to get involved, what type of project you want to tackle and when you intend starting. We will send you a letter stating that you are acting on our behalf. You must undertake to transfer all funds raised to our account.

The process is as follows:

  • Choose a project
  • E-mail us or write to us – providing all your detail
  • We will provide you with a letter covering that project
  • Get going!
  • Provide feedback


  1. Smaller project – Homemakers, students, office workers, others.
  2. Medium size – Church members, entrepreneurs etc.
  3. Large size – Business People, Corporations, Churches.
  4. Other – Teachers, Pastors, Breakfasts, Dinners

1. Smaller Projects

  • Make, bake, create, build, paint etc.
  • Use your creative gifts, skills and talents to produce sellable objects and use the income/profit for Bibles.
  • This could range from a homemaker baking cakes to an artist selling paintings for the sake of providing funding for Bibles.
  • Host teas, informal coffee groups, home meetings etc.
  • Use your home and hosting skills to gather people and then show them the Bibles for Believers DVD and share the project. Ideal for students, homemakers, office workers etc.

2. Medium Sized Projects

  • Visit cell groups, Bible studies etc. This is ideal for church members, people willing to speak on our behalf.
  • Start small cottage industries, business with express purposes of using the profits for Bibles. Ideal for Entrepreneurs, professionals, homemakers with business skills etc.

School projects

  • Coin Project: Get schools in your area involved, show children the DVD. Each class fills a small bottle with silver coins. The coins are counted monthly and the money paid over. The class collecting the most receives a prize or floating trophy. Ideal for teachers, headmasters, school board members.


  • Help organize a Bibles for Believers Breakfast in your area. Ideal for Individuals, all groups, anyone who can get over 30 people to a free breakfast. Our staff will do the presentation.

3. Larger Projects

  • Accept responsibility to raise funds for 200, 500, 1000 or more Bibles. Connect with other business people and challenge them to get involved and “buy” into the project. Ideal for entrepreneurs, business people, corporate and other people who have contact access to people with larger budgets.
  • Golf Days, Dinners or other events, Golf Marathons etc.
  • Use your organisational ability to put on a “Bible” event.


  • Bible Days, Bible Dinners at church and other church orientated events or programmes. Youth or children projects. Ideal for Pastors, church and board members, mission leaders.