A thousand hills

We have been working in Rwanda for many years …. but my personal history in Rwanda goes back nearly 2 decades. I was changed forever! And although the church is still weeping and restoring itself from the past genocide … there is still much more to do ….. ! Follow the story […]

The conversation: Gospel economics – land, labour and love

The conversation was led by Amahoro founder Claude and Kelly Nikondeha and this is what they had to say as an intro to the discussions for the week:As God challenges us to seek justice as part of living out His Gospel imperative in the world, His instructions often touch on economic issues. When describing his […]

May 21st, 2011|Amahoro|

Sights and sounds – Kenya

It’s been way too long ….. but here I am again!  Been running ….. I guess like the rest of the western world ….. rat race!  I am in a bush race and it feels just as tiring as the rat race!  Trip to Kenya went well and after the Amahoro gathering discussing one of […]

May 20th, 2011|Amahoro|