2020: No more new Christian believers!

Imagine that …. 2020 ….. our churches are dying … governments raise up and proclaim “NO MORE PREACHING ABOUT JESUS ANYWHERE!” The few older believers still hang on to that old time Gospel …. but has no more influence anywhere.

Hard to believe …. but slowly and surely the freedom to share Gospel of Jesus […]

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“Nobody told me I should ever evangelize” – Pastor, Brazil

I found myself in Brazil in a huge well-known city. We were busy training pastors on how to plant churches. Well BASIC FACT: It is impossible to plant a church without EVANGELISM. Great was my surprise after the training session as we were getting ready to go out on the streets […]

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Goiânia, Brazil –Missionary’s Graveyard – Part 1

Brazil has a massive population of more than 214 million people. Through Harvesters Ministries we are opening the way in Brazil so that the lost can know Jesus. We have planted has 4 active church streams in this breath taking country filled with amazing people, rich cultures and mostly challenges that will leave […]

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True True Truth

3:14 “And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in
perfect unity.”

is truth, truth and when is truth a perspective? Is there an absolute truth or
is truth always subject to the ‘owner’? Is all truth equal? Is it possible that
the truth for one can be a lie for another?
How do we […]

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Fascinating – the latest country Populations 2018

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Making a disciple from the most dangerous tribe in Sudan – Part 2

As usual, in this kind of work …. the morning starts early.  Flew in early from Entebbe, Uganda to get to the world’s largest refugee camp to North Uganda – with South Sudan a stone-throw away.  We meet with about 70 pastors eager to learn how to serve the more than 1,3 million refugees through […]

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SUDAN: A forgotten land … (Part 1)

‘Where is the money?” Salva Kiir, the president of South Sudan, asks his deputy, Riek Machar.

“I bought guns,” Machar says.

“Where are the guns?” Kiir insists.

“I will show you,” Machar’s reply is sarcastic.

Kiir is vexed. “I will remove you.”

“We shall meet in the bush,” Machar says, his ego bruised.

“We shall meet in the bush,” Kiir retorts.

Gunshots ring […]

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A Hunger like never before

You have to fly into Nampula as a roadtrip could easily take you more than 3 days from the capital city of Mozambique, Maputo.  Three Harvesters trainers do exactly that.  We never reach a high altitude throughout the trip which gives you a glorious view of Mozambique.  The scenery quickly changes as hill after hill […]

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From murderer to Church Planter

As we walk the street of Trulala, Tucumán, Argentina I have an eary feeling that if it wasn’t for Daniel guiding us that we would perhaps not leave the  tiny village alive.  Aggressive young men stared us down on the dirty streets as we are on our way to a newly planted church in the […]

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Kenya: Part 2 – Sect Leader meets Jesus

It’s 15 February and I find myself on the Rift Valley in Western Kenya with a group of 8 men accompanying me.   After many many hours on dusty roads we are in Kakamega training and teaching leaders on Discipleship and Church Planting.   We were immediately introduced to a sect leader who’s life was totally transformed […]

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