45th on the 2021 list of most persecuted countries in the world

17,6 years – average age of Mozambique

60 % of Mozambique under the age of 24

5 000 km’s travelled to bring the Living Ball and Discipleship Bibles to Mozambique

8 736 Bibles carried to Mozambique

3 960 Shona Reach for Life New Testament Discipleship Bibles handed out to youth

1 620 Portuguese Reach for Life New Testament Discipleship Bibles handed out

3 420 Bibles handed out to newly planted churches on the Beira corridor

5 4×4 vehicles carried all of the materials through borders and difficult roads

11 warriors in the team

102 pastors trained how to use the Living Ball and roll out Children Discipleship groups

59 newly planted churches physically visited by the Harvesters and One Hope team

300 LIVING BALLS distributed from Maputo to Beira

300 Trans World Radios distributed to Nampula to be used with IDP groups fleeing ISIS

317 Bibles from BIBLICA PERSONALLY handed out by the Harvesters team

 3 517 liters of fuel consumed during the Discipleship drive

10 000 + souls impacted who will never be the same again!