Bom dia ….. Good morning …..Buenos dias …. Mangwanani akanaka ….. Sawubona

Needless to say we cry with everyone that has lost loved ones through this pandemic. Closer to us …. many has died. Beloved friends, pastors, dads, grandfathers, mothers ……………. the pandemic spared no one. It is only by grace that we can proclaim …. GOD IS KING! We are doing well …. lock-down and all. We felt the effects of the pandemic!! All of it.

Missions has changed forever. We have lost great momentum and pressing the pause button had huge consequences. Even government policies changed which makes entry into ‘easy’ countries difficult. All Missions just stopped abruptly …. without warning. Finances dried up …. no more short term outreaches from thousands of vibrant young Jesus followers around the globe. BUT … it is not all doom and gloom!

The SECRET of MISSIONS was always AGILITY and FLEXIBILITY. The Pandemic created good opportunities too:

  1. Missions was taken over by grassroots movements – the indigenous which we trained took over what we had to leave behind.
  2. The indigenous was forced to break loose from the cycle of dependency provided by mission endevours from the West.
  3. Healthy inculturation is taking place.
  4. More Christians are praying than ever before.


  1. We are seriously RE-THINKING our structures by cutting all costs.
  2. Re-newed focus on RELATIONSHIPS locally and with the Indigenous!
  3. A closer BIBLICAL WAY of missions through becoming tent-makers again.
  4. To make sure that training, evangelism and church planting happens on grassroots level much quicker.
  5. Making sure that the INDIGENOUS CHURCH becomes SELF SUPPORTIVE as many people closes down on financial help.

We believe this time is a great time for the church to mature. It is a great time and opportunity to love and show compassion to a world in need. May God help all of us to show simple acts of kindness.

Thanks for your amazing support.