Cyclone Idai ripped out the heart of central Mozambique when it wrecked havoc over a huge area affecting more than 100 000 people. Many months after NGO’s left most of the area is still barren and people are still hungry, sick and are struggling to pick their lives.

Through the Global Leadership Summit, Harvesters Ministries and many good friends in churches we decided to visit some of these areas long after the cyclone struck. Natural disasters are quickly forgotten as the the world moves on …. more challenges …. new disasters and fresh news. It doesn’t really help those who are left behind ……

We decided to find out where most of the current needs are and to meet people as far as we could and help them to help themselves. The sad reality of NGO’s and the rest of the world who wants to help (and I salute all of them) is that they sometimes provide materials that doesn’t really help the locals to pick up their lives quickly. Through local communities we could prepare these lists and help struggling communities.

Here is a few moments of bringing joy to impoverish communities worst hit by the cyclone in central Mozambique.