Around the world in 80 days …….well not really but it surely felt like it the last 200 days. We were fortunate to travel to various continents sharing the Good news of Jesus Christ and making disciples.

From South America to Central America to Africa. From South West Asia back to North America and back to Africa. God has opened many doors to help churches pick themselves up being troubled by persecution, poverty, war, violence, government restrictions and ….. a lack of true sold-out disciples.

Our vision is to plant churches through evangelism (forgotten by many churches) and discipleship (a foreign concept) with many churches in so many places.

I feel terrible not updating our webpage and blogs as many of the forgotten places I travel to simply don’t have enough communication structures to update blogs. So ….. this is catch-up time to share what God has done the last few months and what lay before us the next few months.

Thank you for your prayers and all the coaches and mentors helping us sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.