If you have been long enough in Africa you would know exactly what I say if I mention Africa’s children. Personally my favorite sound in the whole wide world (no it’s not blues …..) it is the sound of African children laughing. Well …. any kind laughing …. but let me focus on my topic – AFRICA.

After the recent natural disaster hitting Mozambique we decided to lighten up the life of a few hundred children in Mozambique. From painting their schools to sport and fun on the beaches of Mozambique. It was glorious 2 weeks as I was joined by nearly 30 transformational agents from Cape Town, South Africa (well Stellenbosch to be more exact). Handling 500 screaming joyful children all at once will demand great planning and organised chaos.

Painting blackboards at Primary Schools in Mozambique

At least for 2 weeks kids could forget their troubles as the team reached out with LOVE WINS AFRICA to color in their lives with paint, sweats, games, laughter and …. sharing the Good News that JESUS has never forgotten anyone of us …. even deep in the bush of Mozambique.

A few photos to share what a thousand words can not.