Imagine that …. 2020 ….. our churches are dying … governments raise up and proclaim “NO MORE PREACHING ABOUT JESUS ANYWHERE!” The few older believers still hang on to that old time Gospel …. but has no more influence anywhere.

Hard to believe …. but slowly and surely the freedom to share Gospel of Jesus Christ is being strangled around the world. China, India and 128 other countries around the world to be exact.

AFRICA: It started unaware in Rwanda. Suddenly churches were closed ( 6 000 of them) and the only churches allowed were those who had a proper soundproof structure (concrete floors and all!) Second to follow on the continent was Angola ….! Thousands of churches closed through a law that was passed in Parliament. If your church denomination do not have 100 000 members you were forcefully closed with immediate effect. This all happened in 2017 – 2018. IN AFRICA!

It is impossible …. IMPOSSIBLE …. to share the truth of HOPE and SALVATION through Jesus Christ if we don’t EVANGELIZE. And yet it has become a dying art! Something people do not want to talk about. As someone said to me: “I’m so glad that when we enter heaven we don’t have to evangelize there!”

BUT A BREATH OF FRESH AIR: I was recently asked to preach in a big church in Brazilia, Brazil. I was asked to preach on anything that was in my heart. My heart leaped with joy ….. as I knew exactly what was on my heart. Evangelism and Discipleship of-course. I had a great interpreter and an even greater audience. It was a powerful service and I shared many discipleship stories in the process. What blew me away as I said my last amen … was when the senior pastor stood up and during my sermon illistrated on the huge media background what God showed him to focus on for his church – EVANGELISM AND DISCIPLESHIP. No wonder the crowd couldn’t believe what I was saying ….. as I nearly shared their pastor’s sermon word for word.

God is on the move. Please pray for the church to move back to basics and make DISCIPLES through EVANGELISM. It is the only way we can grow the true church and make believers.