As usual, in this kind of work …. the morning starts early.  Flew in early from Entebbe, Uganda to get to the world’s largest refugee camp to North Uganda – with South Sudan a stone-throw away.  We meet with about 70 pastors eager to learn how to serve the more than 1,3 million refugees through discipleship.

As all kick-off’s go around the world – Sudan is no different.  Breaking through paradigms of what church really is and what it means.  Breaking old patterns are difficult.  As Raymond Lombard (Firewall Advance team) teaches practical evangelism, I help leaders to understand not just what church truly means …. but how to plant churches through evangelism and discipleship

This is where I meet Marko Philip Kajach from South Sudan. He is from the Murle tribe in Sudan – one of the fiercest and most feared in Sudan. After evangelism we send him out with other trained pastors to do evangelism in the Rhino Refugee Camp (the largest of the several camps in the area).  After 2 hours of physical evangelism 275 souls are changed forever as they meet Jesus personally.  But it was Marko’s story that gripped me.

We all return the next morning (after tough chicken and salad) ready to hear the testimonies of what God did.  I find Marko with more than 17 new converts waiting for us.  Each tell their story of violence, hatred ….. but how the Good News of Jesus Christ stopped them in their tracks.  Some share the story of how they recognized Marko (from the Murle tribe) sharing the Gospel with the Heart of Man Chart.  They started running when they saw him, but was curious about the Message he was sharing.  Many ran as he came close but eventually listened from a distance.  The Message grabbed their heart so deeply that they followed him to church to accept Jesus.  His love message was too good to resist …. and if God could do it for Marko …. why not for them?

I hear story after story of God’s miraculous and powerful intervention.  In the group is an ex-terrorist who planted bombs for a living – changed forever.

I call Marko over …. lay my hands on him and celebrate on how God used him mightily.  He can’t stop crying …. 70 pastors rejoiced and cried with him to celebrate God’s goodness.  We have truly seen a miracle.

While I write this ….. within 3 months 60 churches were planted in the refugee camp.  When God moves no one can stop it.  Governments try  without success.  Systems try …. without success.  Keep praying with us that God’s goodness and His Truth will spread like a wild fire ….. even through tough war-torn Sudan.