Imagine burying your Messiah… No, I am not referring to Joseph of Aramanthea. George* was heartbroken. He and all the churches in his denomination had suffered a tremendous loss. For years they had followed a man who claimed to be the messiah. Recently he had become ill, and then to everyone’s shock, he died. For days they prayed hoping that he would rise from the dead. Eventually, after several days nature took it’s course and they had to bury him.

George and the other followers were devastated. They had put their hope and trust in someone who turned out to be nothing more than a man.

There are many who claim to be the messiah and millions across the planet have put their hope in men who have misled them for their personal gain.

One day George was walking in Kagamega, Kenya. As he passed a church he heard someone teaching and stopped to listen. He slipped inside to see what was going on. He had entered a training session of Harvesters Ministries Hub Leaders. They were being tutored in the Phase A material which deals with discipleship. The subject was The Disciple of Discovering Jesus and at that moment the Trainer was talking about the fact that the Jesus of the Bible is the Saviour of the world, the True Messiah.

George could not contain himself. He jumped up and proclaimed: “But I buried the messiah..” Those in attendance soon shared the true Gospel with George, showing him the way of salvation, and how he could have a personal relationship with the Father through Jesus the Messiah. The power of the Gospel broke through years of false teaching and George turned to Christ.

The story does not end there. George stayed and learnt all he could. Later he went back to his church and led all of the members to Christ. The other churches in the sect also chose to follow Jesus and an entire sect was converted. They are now planting new churches and Harvesters is training pastors for each of these churches. From darkness to light, from despair to freedom, each member has found new life in the Saviour and is learning how to be a disciple maker.

George’s story is a powerful reminder of the power of the Gospel. One of Harvesters’ goals is to teach the truth in a world filled with false gospels, full of fake messiahs and teachers who scratch the itchy ears of those who have wondered away from the truth.

We can only fulfil this mission with the help of our partners who make our work possible. Right now in 62 countries across the globe, there are almost 130 church planting streams like the one at Kagamega. Each of them needs a trained pastor who will go twice a year for a week to facilitate the training of Hub Leaders who plant churches. Harvesters provides the training for those who volunteer to become Licenced Trainers. Churches need Bibles which we provide through our Bibles for Believers project and we need funding to plant churches.

You can make a difference. Do something rather than nothing!