Hey beloved friends and co-workers in Christ.  2017 has come and gone in the blink of an eye.  I had many dreams and objectives some came true …. some were stopped for the better good and others were achieved through a lot of hard work.

The most amazing news is not the amount of churches planted, orphans helped or how many water-pumps saved villages from hunger.  It was truly the amount of SOULS that found JESUS CHRIST.  For the next 10 – 12 days I would love to take you through a chronological journey with us on what God has done in 2017.  Thank you for YOUR partnership, prayers – help and FRIENDSHIP.  It is through YOU that GOD changed the lives and hearts and circumstances of soooo many people.

No long articles – just testimonies and photos not published in other articles from my private folder.

The moment I heard that we were in an area where 872 Hindu villages never had the opportunity to hear the TRUTH of Jesus Christ we decided to walk into one of these villages and share the Gospel after an invitation.

This is what greeted us in the village we visited. Always a holy cow somewhere with villagers continuing their daily task of farming. In a country of 330 Million gods -everything is hold sacred.

Sharing the TRUTH not just another god! The Holy Spirit revealed HIMSELF in Truth and 12 villagers gave up their gods to receive the One and True God of the gods! We planted a church in the village through a pastor we trained.

Village life is a simple one in India with poverty prevailing in many of them. We experienced many sick people. Many were blind and some lame. It was great to bring HOPE through Jesus.

Training pastors and church planters was an highlight.


Typical India.  India has a population of about 1.3 Billion people.  There is no doubt that God has a very special plan for the sub-continent.  

Temples are everywhere – every street corner has a shrine and place of worship to keep the hungry gods happy.