PHOTO: Pastor Rodrique Sebineza …. unashamed to preach the Gospel. He has just planted his first Church at the BUS STOP – as he calls it.

I have visited Rwanda on several occasions.  It started to be a place of reconciliation for me.  The country taught me much.  Its sad history turned out to save my heart in many ways.  The people are gentle – kind – compassionate.
We have been planting churches for the last 3 years in Kigali and surrounding villages.  One of our church planters, Pastor Rodrique from a village in Kigali decided to go one step further.  “You see”, he said phoning me ….. “the church is everywhere … it is around us, in us if we just open our eyes.”

2016-11-06-photo-00000697He found a group of boys at a bus station as he was waiting to catch a bus.  The prompting of the Holy Spirit moved him as he
invited the boys to join him at his local church.  As they worked at the bus station earning a small wage it was impossible to take them away from their ‘living’.  “God spoke to me very clearly ….. He said – why don’t you plant your church right here at the bus stop.  Bring the church to my people!”,  he continued his conversation with me.  Without hesitation he explained the Harvesters Church model to the boys – and started a church right there …… within 20 minutes.  The church gather every Thursday for an hour of church and teaching.  “We have church like any other church – we pray, preach, testify and serve communion.  Church is never a building – it’s a place where 2 or 3 are together and gathering in the name of JESUS.”  And I agreed.


PHOTO: On a recent visit to Rwanda I met Past. Rodrique and delivered Bibles donated by Harvesters Ministries and other donors.

2016-11-07-photo-00000702One by one the boys met Jesus personally.  “No need to postpone”, Rodrique said.  “I baptized those who declared Jesus as their Savior and Friend.  I chose a leader for my new Church at the Bus Stop and we are growing.”  “Would you allow me to plant this church?”, he asked.  “Without a doubt”, I answered.  I immediately thought how this type of church would bother many conservatives but with more than 150 churches planted all over Rwanda in the last 3 years, I knew God was at work in the beautiful country of Rwanda.

We have a huge demand for KinyaRwanda and Swahili Bibles in Rwanda.

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