Dietrich Bonhoeffer once preached a sermon and was quoted by saying that for Protestants the word ‘church’ has the sound of something infinitely commonplace, more or less indifferent and superfluous, that does not make their heart beat faster;  something with which a sense of boredom is so often associated.  Let’s be honest:  there is too much truth in those criticisms to dismiss them lightly.  Many who profess faith in Christ remain totally impassive about the church.  A high proportion of people who “go to church” have forgotten what it is all for.  BUT ….. there is something amazing about Church in Africa.

As I have served the church in Africa I have been amazed over and over again by the vibrant and growing church in Africa.  Surrounded by severe poverty, sickness, death and lack of just about everything the African church is growing stronger and stronger.  Some of these churches may have adopted Western strategies and Western ways of worship BUT still deep into the bushes of Africa the local authentic African Church is rising rapidly.  I have been involved in serious church planting the last few months and met the most amazing men and women who were part of growing and happy vibrant churches.  I have danced with them, wept with them, laughed and prayed with them.  And deep in my heart I was stirred over and over again as God comes close to the African Church.  But what makes a church such a happy vibrant place?  What is the secret of a place where Christian believers get together to worship Jesus Christ the Messiah.  But before I share some of the adventures ….. let the photos tell the real story first:


One of the typical churches I preach in very often. Mostly none of them has a chair for anyone to sit on. No music instrument. No carefully layed out pre- and post-service plan or arts department. It’s raw, passionate love for Jesus Christ that attracts our African brothers and sisters.



The Church in Africa bring what they have! If it’s not money as part of their thanksgiving offer it is a bag of maize, eggs, produce from the garden … it doesn’t really matter! It about thankfulness ….. and passionately serving God with what they have.



Church life in Africa is all about ‘koinonia’ – fellowship. Being together, eating together and all of this forms the basis for being church in Africa.

In the next few articles I would love you to journey with me through the Africa church as we plant even more of these vibrant churches with new believers.  I am currently in Mozambique and Congo helping churches to stay authentic and planting many more.  We train new believers to plant their own churches – we show them how and take them on a 3 year journey with us to qualify them to plant at least 3 more of their own churches.  The journey is an explosive one.

Please pray for the following SOS needs:

1.  We have a massive shortage of Bibles.  We make sure BELIEVERS receive a Bible and keep track of their growth as they plant new churches.

2.  Please pray for our safety on dangerous roads and dangerous countries.  We are traveling the Congo in a few days with many challenges on the way.

3.  Please pray as we teach and train and equip.

4.  We are planting 30 churches a day in many of the places we go.

5.  Pray as we constantly need to smuggle Bibles, Bible material into sensitive areas.

DO NOT MISS … our journey!  See what happens in Rwanda and Burundi as we plant churches in these areas.  Amazing stories …. amazing people!  And yes … radical change!