“Web-ani-njo” ….. is basically the only word I could master in Uganda.  It’s part of the Luganda language used in Kampala.  It means anything between …. ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ or at least for me it did.  It got me far enough to travel through the busy digested traffic nightmare that was laying ahead.  The purpose was to make sure that we got Pastor Aloysious his Bibles he was pleading for while at the same time plant churches in Uganda.

AFRICAN TOUR - November 2014 049

PHOTO:  If you are not on a motorbike deep in the city of Kampala you are in trouble ….. time-wise that is.  The trip will leave you breathless and you might even think of screaming like a Sunday school girl on a pick nick. To keep your dignity in tact …. you act as if it is the most normal thing to be missed twice by a packed bus.   But the hunger to get Bibles to northern Uganda was so overwhelming that I switched off my panic button who venomously kept on going into panic mode .  We were trying to find the Bible Society in a city which is scattered with new and old buildings.
AFRICAN TOUR - November 2014 057

PHOTO:  Pastor Aloysious didn’t seemed phased at all by the motorbike trip.  “I have experienced taxi’s at high speed and survived.  All for the KINGDOM”, he said with a smile.  Pastor Aloysious is a serious man.  He is quiet until you mention the Lord’s name.  His eyes would light up and his posture became that of a lion.  “A great man”, I thought when I met him the first time.   And YES … we found the Bible Society but, as is most of our visits to the Bible Society, we could not find the dialects we so desperately needed.  We had to go further into the city to seek more Bibles.
AFRICAN TOUR - November 2014 063

PHOTO:  Through many contacts we heard there was a small shop where we perhaps could find some Bibles.  And there it was!  With a name like:  TOGETHER WE STAND BOOKSHOP we knew we were in for something interesting.  Again …. finding a Koran was easier than finding a Bible.  On to the next we went.

AFRICAN TOUR - November 2014 062

PHOTO:  And to the next we went.

AFRICAN TOUR - November 2014 064

PHOTO:  And to the next!  A few English Bibles …. but no Luganda and some of the other dialects we wanted.

AFRICAN TOUR - November 2014 083

PHOTO:  After spending 9 hours in Kampala we headed back to the Bible Society to purchase a few boxes which would just had to do.
AFRICAN TOUR - November 2014 075

PHOTO:  Pastor Aloysious had to be happy with his few boxes which he had to carry a few hundred kilometer after we left him.  The need for Bibles in Africa has passed the 200 000 000 (yes you read correctly – 200 million) Bible mark.  We believe that every Christian and believer has the right to at least once in his lifetime be able to read the Bible …. and own a copy.  This is something strange to most of us who have various copies of Bibles at home, iPhone or iPad.  The cost of a Bible is very expensive and add up to R2 500 a box.  If you want to join us help Africa have a copy of the Word of God in their mother tongue please contact us.  You would leave a legacy behind that will outlive you and me.

AFRICAN TOUR - November 2014 068

PHOTO:  Francois, pastor Aloysious and Herbie Venter from Bibles for Believers gathering as much Bibles as we can lay our hands on.