Photo taken by a friend of mine, pilot Andy Kuret a few days ago.  The devastation is simply enormous. 

I just received this letter from one of our pastors in Malawi.  The devastation after the recent flooding is worse than we could ever thought.  I place his letter just as I received it and didn’t change anything to keep the authenticity in tact.

Men of God,

Greetings in Jesus name our Savior.

On Monday I left Lilongwe 6:30 am and using public transport to visit the people victimized by the floods, I arrived there late in the evening around 7 pm slept and in the morning I was at the camp where our church members are.

Before that at the Lodge where I slept, I had breakfast with the Staff from (UNCEF) who are currently helping. I asked them a lot of questions in order to get the first hand information they told me though many countries have helped but it’s a drop in an Ocean, then I said what do you mean they told me that many people were just carried as they were, no could take something with, as they only needed the lives of people nothing else. FOOD is the number one thing needed, Basics like plastic basins, plastic plates, mosquito nets, spoons, pots for cooking and even clothes since they only came with clothes in their bodies.

20150203_143045Even after the rain …. it is nearly impossible to return back home!

On the pictures the Pastor from Malawi is explaining how the water came to their surrounding, he says the water was just coming very fast that when he called the chief, the chief was already surrounded by water , that after some few minutes people came with a small boat and carried the children and his wife, they told him they will come to fetch him after delivering the family this was around 10pm that the water kept increasing that he climbed the house and stayed at the top of the house up to morning, he said he prayed the whole night that the house should not break at the same time crocodiles were moving around devouring those who were being swept, he said as of now even one of the chiefs and his children have died, they are now identifying many dead bodies being found. Another woman at the camp told me the story how the whole family stayed in the Mango tree the whole night till the helicopters came for rescue in the morning, she says her husband kept on saying please don’t sleep otherwise if you fall down the water is swift and the crocodiles are their waiting. The Pastor from Mozambique told me that their whole village was swept completely together with their crops, he says around 9 pm he wondered he was getting wait by the a time he came out of the house they were already surrounded by the water that he quickly took everybody out and run to upper places. The whole village congested in school classes.

The situation is very bad, some are very old old people, that it’s difficult to explain, I am also talking to people in Malawi that we need to do something and it’s my prayer that next week, I carry whatever can be available to assist our brothers and sisters, whether money, food or goods.

God bless you, Harvey


Emergency shelters are currently provided to house the more than 200 000 people affected by the flooding.

20150203_081625Women sharing a communal kitchen to cook as there are no houses to return to after the flooding.