What makes a person a successful interpreter?  Who is a successful interpreter?  What qualities must they have?  Is it enough to just speak two (or more) languages fluently?  To answer these questions is not very difficult …. that is if you have worked with a few interpreters in your lifetime.  In fact I have worked with 3 at the same time to get the Message across in 2 or 3 languages.  I have worked with a few brilliant interpreters in my life too …. Mathew Hurekure, Prosper Fernando, Joao Benjamim ….. and well a few others who didn’t really work out at all and left me red in the face.
And without a doubt …. an interpreter makes you or breaks you.  Literally!  And when sharing theology or other important information these men and woman are crucial in getting the Message across.  They become more important than you at that moment. They are actually the keynote speaker.  I want to honor these men and woman today …. every single one of them the last 18 years who made it possible for the audience to receive the Message in their mother tongue …… correctly.  It must be the most difficult job ever if you consider:
  1.   There is very little time to think about vocabulary;
  2.   You have to catch the joke before anyone else …. and make others l           too and have a perfect impersonation of the voice of the speaker;
  3.  Bring over profound truths within ….. less than 2 seconds …..;
  4.  Beware if you have an over exited speaker ……. you have to think double  the speed;
  5.   If it is a foreigner ….. more grace is needed due to “strange pronunciations!”
  6.  And even worse than the previous point … is the speaker who runs aroun   while talking …….
  7.  Praise the Lord if you find a speaker that is short and powerful …. grace if he is long and powerful;
  8.  You have to be gifted ….
  9.  You have to be gifted ….
  10.  You have to be gifted ….

Here is a few examples on how a good interpreter works: