Our Co-workers not only do amazing things with us through their support, care and prayers, but they INSPIRE those around them to act as well.  I was amazed during my last trip to attend some mission conferences in Cape Town to see this in action.
I was enjoying a very hospitable evening with friends when I saw from the corner of my eye how a young girl (about 12) was on the edge of her seat the whole evening.  She looked at me continuously throughout the evening …. and I sense that she really wanted to tell me something.  She had a bright sparkle in her eye as she could take it no longer …. ran from the table and handed me two handfuls of her saving money.  “This has to go for Children Bibles …. please” she nearly begged.  I immediately acknowledged.  She reminded me of a “flash mob”.  You might ask what on earth a flash mob is!  A flash mob is a group of people who care about one particular cause and show it in a way that grabs someones attention. 
During a flash mob, you witness commitment, hard work, passion, fun, creativity, and the celebration of something wonderful.  And often times, if you’re not part of it, you want to be!
This little girl inspired me immediately to do something worthwhile!  And that is what I love about every single individual spread all over the world – those who do random acts of goodness ….. just because they are in love with Jesus.  So this is a thank you to all our flash mobs out there who make it possible for us to continually run with the great command that Jesus gave us all!  You are the true heroes in bringing God’s Kingdom …. on earth!  Your special actions inspire myself and others to take notice and hopefully, take action as well.



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