Visiting home churches means re-uniting with friends, supporters and people who truly still believes that not only does the church have a mission but that the mission has a church.  It is truly a highlight annually to return to these wonderful people and being re-fired.  It means a lot of sharing and bringing mission boards up to date on exactly what is happening out on the field.  Answering questions, preaching, visiting, eating ….. (and so the list goes on) …. on a hourly basis. 

BUT in between all of the work and the sharing churches do take it serious to give us a few days of rest.  This is what they organize in between the running.

This is what we do beyond the call of duty ….. lol!

Peace and tranquility made up for the busy schedule!
A lot of  healthy competition with one of the church’s pastors, Past. Nico Buys – that is late night I have to admit.  His serious focus made him win many a game!
Did I mention we eat a lot when attending mission conferences?
Visiting the rugby museum with other Transformational Engineers …. and a lot of action!
I even had some time to capture this picture at a Lancia workshop.  Two mechanics in deep conversation!!!!  Specially for Rick Cogbil!
Visiting cell groups is an absolute highlight.  These are the giants praying constantly while we work abroad.  True heroes in my eyes.  Just behind me I need to salute Kotie and Cornee from Belgium who has given their entire life to missions and Kotie has retrired at a young 80!