If you could turn back the clock a few months ago …. you would remember the tragedy that stared our community in the face in Mozambique.  Three children died in a very short period as they were trying to cross a river on their way to our bush school in Mucombeze.  They were all killed by crocodiles. Thanks to generous and amazing sponsorship from Canada and even South Africa …. a dream has come true.  Truly a bridge over troubled water has been built.

Mercy Air South Africa got involved with many other great people to make this project a reality.  At last after 10 months ….. the bridge was up and the rainy season and flooded rivers would take no more lives due to crocodiles.

A special thanks to all who helped to make this, not just a life saving project, but changed lives forever and left a great legacy.  Here are some highlights of the project as it went through construction to transformation.

Special thanks to Lynn Lagore and Anne Herbert for photos shared.