WOW …. it has been much too long since I have shared life stories through cyberspace.  I was awakened early this morning by a mail from Budleigh, United Kingdom inquiring why I have been so awfully quiet the last few months. (So this post is specially for you Barbara Rainford!)  The last few months were another WOW – but let me share all the stories little by little as there is a lot to tell!  I have mostly been on the road via Mozambique, South Africa (various provinces), Angola and back again.  Mission conferences, meetings … more meetings and a lot of sharing.  And no … I am not complaining it has been the greatest joy ever to share what God is constantly doing.

But before I share all those stories …. back to Mozambique … as we took a few days with friends to just rest before transformation took hold of us all.  Here are a few lighter moments from the Mozambican coast.  Enjoy!

Going to the coast in Mozambique means …. eating a healthy and BIG breakfast.  And that is exactly what we did as Andy Kuret shows off his chef skills.
Catching a boat to the deep sea …. and a few islands on the way.  Visiting Pansy Island was a highlight.
We found pansy shells by the millions … literally!
Deep sea fisherman fishing in the warm Mozambican current.
And of course …. a lot of snorkeling was on the cards too!
Joao, our Mozambican partner, saw the ocean for the first time ….. 
Did I mention that we eat a lot when visiting the Mozambican coast?
Horse riding was also provided on the coast and we took full advantage of the beasts as we explored the ocean from a different view!

Had to wait a long time for this shot …. but patience is a virtue.  Sunrise like no other place in the world.  Mozambique ….. early early morning.  The fishermen beat me though!
No pain no gain though.  With Mozambique still being in turmoil … we had to be escorted for about 100 km’s through dangerous roads.  As I post this a peace treaty has been signed before the general elections on 15 October 2014.