Life and death are never separated in Africa.  It’s part of one event … and the space in between is lived within a communal space where survival forms a key component of life.  On this road of survival …. the church in Africa plays a key role within every village and community.

Introducing visitors to the local church is integral for the whole community.  The team was visiting on a Sunday … so it was good manners introducing them to the local church ….. and having a festa with them.  
Introducing the whole team to the church!
The ‘way’ of doing life in a village church is simple …. no one leaves if they have not been prayed for.  It’s a touching and deeply spiritual time for everyone …. specially the local church members as it says:  You have not forgotten us …..!
Children are very important for every church.  In Africa they are part of the worship and the whole ‘church’ community.  They are prayed for and cared for too.
Social upliftment:  Supporting and handing out soccer balls to the local community school with it’s principal and teachers.
Even on the medical front …. gifts were handed over.  The clinic received a brand new instrument sterilizer that will be used.  Simon Nicalau (health officer) receives the equipment from Francois.