One of the things students do well (accept for studying of course) – is playing! As is the tradition for the last 10 years or more our students take responsibility to provide an athletics meeting (the full show) with the nearly 280 school children in our bush school.  It is a huge event which includes all the sprinting numbers, shot put, high and long jump and all the rest.  It is also a time of training the bush school kids and teachers on the finer points when it comes to athletics.  And who knows we might just train a future Olympic medalist!
Here is the day in action!
Loosening up ….. before the big day starts!
We have no or little sport equipment – so what we can find we use!
Long jump in action!

Shot put …. a school girl showing what she is made of!
Ok … with the ladies in charge of the high jump – it seemed they started the bar very low.  I can promise you though …. the bar was set much higher later in the day!  A job well done!
My favorite part of the event – kids having fun and as spectators …. enjoying the fun.  Sports and athletics (so we teach) is all about developing yourself and most of all having FUN and ENJOYING the fellowship.
Little Red Ridinghood …. took of her shoes for the main running event!
After the event everyone received a prize for their participation!  The hats were a sponsorship from the previous year’s students.
Very proud … thank you!
Time to greet again …. ate a vista …. until next year!