I have been really looking forward on posting the next few articles.  I am rushing off continually these days it seems – but looking back at what has been achieved the last few months – it is nothing less than a miracle.  God’s goodness and grace is written all over it!

I have learned in Africa that caring really means showing up where there is a need.  And that is exactly what about 20 students did from the University of Stellenbosch and Stellenbosch Congregation.  They showed up …. after 3 days of continual driving – 3 000 km’s and a few hair-rising border posts.  I will share a few posts …. it reads like a story book – and will give you a small peep into their transformational window!  Enjoy!
It was like ants attacking a sugar bowl.  Everyone attacked the women training center to give it the final touches before woman will be trained there.

Here is what I love about God  …. and receiving teams.  Here we have a leadership specialist, a current Olympian athlete and a final year mathematician (on her way to Wall Street, New York) working together to bring hope to woman in Mozambique.

A mean team …. with a common purpose – “bring HOPE”!  Bibles were transported more than 3 000 km’s to help pastors and their churches.

A very happy Mr. Tobias receives a Bible for his church.

Our schools were treated like never before!  In our following-up article you will see just how they were treated.  Their welcoming gift to the visitors were filled with lots of song and dance.