I remember going to church with my mom and the glare of all the ladies with their huge and beautiful hats.  I remember making comments all the time as the hats always amused me.  I only really started speaking at the age of 2 my mom says.  Since then my jawbone worked overtime.  I also remember all the ‘hush’ sounds as I entered the church as a child.  “Sjjjjt” was a familiar strange sound everyone made in the church whilst staring at me.  I never truly understood the glares but soon realized children are not really welcome in church.  

Africa is different.  Children is very much part of daily life – also in the church.  No one is ever captured and dumped into a “Room for Mothers with noisy children”.  The same happens in our literacy classes with the ladies.  It’s noisy, difficult …. but amazing things happen when kids attend …. as you will see:  (and just loving it!!!)

And then normal life continues … no baby sitters ….. just life!