Try to imagine to have never seen a library in your lifetime!  You have no re-collection whatsoever of a collection of books or to have never ever read a children’s story in your own language.  Oliver Twist?  Never had the privilege to read it.  Ernest Hemingway?  Who?  The story of Romeo and Juliet has never been told, Hamlet is a mystery and Jackie Chan is more known than William Shakespeare.  Imagine a life like that.  The most beautiful poems written … never new poetry existed!  It sounds a total impossibility.  But it is very true and I live in a world like that. 

The great thing about being a Transformational Engineer is that we don’t have to accept the status quo.  We don’t have to believe that “that’s just the way it is” …..!  Hopefully like you … we get up and do something about it.  We have many projects that are ongoing at the moment.  Two of those will have a huge impact on hundreds of people.  Our new LIBRARY … the first EVER in the region will allow children and communities to, for the very first time, be able to read books in their mother tongue.  It will be a huge blessing – here is a quick update report on how the work is progressing:


The other project is our Water Tower that is currently being constructed.  For many years we have had to pump water from a local pump we installed.  With the growth of our primary school and the establishment of a local clinic by the mission the need for more water was eminent.  Through many sponsors it was possible to start with the resurrection of a water tower that will provide clean water to the school, clinic and the community.

Our old and faithful water pump!  It has been providing water for more than a decade and served a few hundred school children as well as a whole community.


And YES if you wondered …. the fact that the pump ‘survived’ all the kids is an absolute MIRACLE!!!!