Yet again I stand in awe watching the group in front of me.  Teachers, theologians, super accountants, mathematicians and believe it or not ….. even a para-Olympic athlete!  What do they have in common.  A deep love for the Lord and a deep love for humanity!  As so many times in the past we have been tremendously blessed by visitors from the far south – 3 000 km ‘s in fact – Cape Town.  They had one goal and purpose only – to come and serve.  And as always the pictures will tell the story:
I have personally known blind Mateus Filemon for the last 18 years.  He is a courageous young man who attended our first Bible School in Mtsatza.  He came to the farm to collect a Shona Bible for his pastor in his church.  He might not be able to read but his hunger to make sure his church gets their own Shona Bible was huge.  Here is the Stellenbosch University and Congregation group busy handing over a Shona Bible which they transported more than 3 000 km’s.
A time of reflection!
High op on a rock in Mozambique!
Deep into the bush to explore …. the group was ready for action!
And who do we meet in the bush ….. hard working woman carrying maize!
And then 2 cultures met!
A time of caring for one of our widows as she is receiving a prayer!
The men also jumped in ….. and took care of Suero, a leprosy patient.
And visiting the local baker in the bush is always a highlight for a hungry student.
Fresh bread right out of the oven!
The faithful guard …. watching over the baker!  He does seem skinny for a baker’s watchdog though!