“Francisco” …. Andy, our Swiss pilot called with his usual smile.  “What about a flight to see the school and library from the air?”  He laughed as he is one of the few people to know about my fear of flight in very small aircraft.  Please understand that my last flight in a small aircraft didn’t go all that well as the passenger door opened on departure in the air.  But that is a story for another day.   But then again …. I thought … my pilot also knows I don’t swim that well …. so let’s give it a try.  Dwight’s 4-seater Cesna was ready and fueled for action and the pilot couldn’t wait to get going …..!  It was an amazing 1/2 hour in the air.  This time around I will let the photos do the talking!  
Posing like a pro ….and I am talking of the pilot in blue!!  I’m just hanging on the propeller so my knees would stop shaking … in anticipation of the flight. 
Andy, the Swiss pilot …. making sure everything works.  And after the normal safety procedures I realized that Swiss pilots do have an amazing sense of humor.
I wasn’t sure what buttons he was pressing as it all looked very pre-historic to me.  But somewhow we got in the air!
The mission base with its housing from the air.  Left top is the litchie orchard.
PURPOSE OF THE FLIGHT:  Our bush school and clinic from the air.  The large building on the left is the primary school and houses 4 classes with about 280 kids.  And if you are very sharp … down left is the new library building in progress.

Back on the mission farm:  On the left our leadership training center.  On the far right is the Women Training and Literacy center built by Alta.
A very busy mission base.  If you can spot my house ….. you are super good – it is the most hidden one!
The runway of the mission base back into the frame.
A safe landing after a super enjoyable flight … thanks to Swiss Air and Dwight’s Cesna!