Since I last reported on the crocodile tragedy at our bush school another boy, Chupi – 7 years old, has been attacked and killed by a crocodile.  That is 2 boys in a month.  Needless to say the rapid planning of the bridge has been a number one priority currently on the base.  School children and the community are gripped by fear and the river that brings life and water is now a place of danger.

Here is the latest report by Dwight Lagore on the bridge, its planning and the way forward in building this structure:

“The immediate and amazing response by so many of you to the need for a suspension bridge has been overwhelming and encouraging.  And we are awaiting news of others who have said they would like to help make this happen.  Thank you!

We have a ‘rough estimate’ of the costs for a pedestrian bridge, and that is still all we have until we can get the final design done and organize the technical team to get this bridge installed.  Today Dave Geerling, John Herbert and Ron Wayner helped me to better survey the likely sites for the installation of a bridge.  We first visited the local leaders home but found he was at a funeral for a family member in another village.  A community member who I have known for some time, Fernando Gimo, was at the home however and was more than welcome to guide us and review the sites for this bridge.  After some bush-whacking and a couple river crossings …. doing my best to keep my camera dry and still stay alert for possible crocodiles …. , we found 4 alternative spots.  Instead of the 30 to 40 meter distance Ihad thought we would need to span, it turns out we will likely need to span 55 to 60 meters.  This is still very doable, but it will impact on the cost and materials we will need.”


Dwight is currently in contact with Allan Luus (CEO of Mercy Air) who will meet with a civil engineer and with Phillip Kruger of Steel Ropes in South Africa to get a design finalized along with quotes.  The coordination between the various shipping and import agents from Mozambique will be planned and will be able to get us closer to the final estimate of the total cost involved.  Transportation from South Africa to Mozambique is planned via Sol Trading in Mozambique who trucks materials for the mission and they have pledged for this project to transport ‘either for free or at least for a very reasonable price’.

Dwight reports:  “In the meantime we (here in Mozambique) will source, purchase and import all the needed materials and equipment to make this happen and also start to install any of the foundations and support systems needed to ensure the success of the technical team once they do arrive.

We are working with local leadership and government to ensure all the legal documentation is in-hand to make sure the bridge has official support and authorization.  The local community leader has assured me that his letter will be ready this week and that the community is very excited about the blessing this bridge will be to everyone.  Besides the children getting to school safely, is the benefit that sick people can get to our clinic as well as the grinding mill to grind their maize.

While this is all in progress, we are not waiting around!  Rick Neufeld our resident “Crocodile Dundee” is working with community leadership to hunt any crocodiles in the areas the children have to cross.  Bait has been set and as recent as today a crocodile was hooked.  Although it got away, more bait was set and Rick is doing everything he can to protect the children who must cross the river every day so they have a chance for an education.”

We will keep you updated on the progress!  Thank you again for your support and prayers.