A day in the life of our Pre-School at Mucombeze is an interesting one.  It all starts with more than 40 screaming bundles of energy packed in very small package that has fragile written all over it.  Taking care of this precious ‘cargo’ takes a lot of effort, creativity – specially if you have to return it to sender daily.

It does require a healthy doze of Godly insurance to take care of it.  A good story, a biscuit and a crayon in every hand makes the ‘package’ come alive.  But taking care of Africa’s most valued asset – their children places huge amounts of responsibilities on our shoulders.  Something we take very seriously here.  The daily dangerous of getting to school is the same all over the world I guess.  Crossing roads and rivers full of crocodiles seems different than Europe or Northern America but they aren’t really.  We might not have a school traffic patrol taking care of the flying missiles – but we have dedicated teachers who makes sure that kids not just cross roads safely but that they are actually taught traffic and road rules.

At our crocodile invested rivers we have a small boat operating to make sure children are ferried to and from the school safely.  So taking care of Africa’s ‘cargo’ is a full time business.  Got a few pics in the process to share our day with you!

One of my all time favorite photos – kids being led safely over the road.  All on time … well nearly everyone is on time except for someone in the back trying to get in line!

And there we are … safely across … the second batch of cargo ready for the day!
Another safe day at the office!
Alec Wilson, our stand in teacher for the day, takes care of our precious ‘cargo’ for the day.

Happy and ready!
Ok because they are girls they do have the right to ‘show off’ a bit.  Only a bit though!