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Meet Ladien Liebenberg 
and …. Corine van Vreden
With all that said …. it doesn’t take away any of the amazing fun and times we had at our school just before Easter.  It all actually started in July 2013 when just over 20 students from the University of Stellenbosch and Stellenbosch Congregation visited the base.  A few ladies on the team decided that it was time to transform our school.  It started with a “TING …. EUREKA MOMENT” when a young lady, Ladien Liebenberg decided that for her 30th birthday she would not expect any gift personally but would rather ask people who attended  her birthday to bring a gift for our local bush school.  They were blown away by the generous contributions and the team jumped away immediately to organize T-shirts as part of the school uniform.  Plates, hats and T-shirts were organized by Ladien (working for a publishing firm) and Corine van Vreden (Teacher).

I could hardly wait to tell the kids the good news but had to postpone the early Christmas gifts until we could organize our bush school at the beginning of the year.  So …. just before Easter …. we thought would be a great time to share stories and gifts on how GOOD GOD is.

Here are a few highlights … and believe me there were many.



PHOTO:  Even the Grade 5 class had time to pose in their busy academical schedule!
PHOTO:  Pre-school class posing with their teacher, Rutendo Luis.
PHOTO:  One very happy pre-schooler

PHOTO:  There was even a surprise packet for each kid in the school – color pencils.
PHOTO:  These boys found (as always) a creative way to carry their gifts!
PHOTO:  Thanks to Corine van Vreden and family and donors money was also raised to help the school with plates for food.  Brand new!
PHOTO:  Our new cook, Armando Jaime, happy about the new plates and utensils. 
PHOTO:  My friend Schotca….. Grade 1, hi-jacked my shoes …. and wanted a photo before I could get my shoes back.