On my way to our bush school!

 The last 2 months has been a very difficult time for our bush school.  Our school cook died due to a short sickbed and it caught us all off-guard.  We had to shuffle and change our school teaching stuff suddenly and unexpected and then due to an above averaged rainy season ….. full rivers brought more crocodiles than usually and killed 2 of our school boys.

We have all learned through many years though that the only way to overcome difficulties in the bush is to press on and persevere.  And keep on sharing HOPE.  We  have many projects currently at our bush school and a few of them is bringing hope to kids who currently need HOPE and need to see that life can be turned around despite hardships.

Through all the chaos and changes at our school – life goes on … as our pre-school learns.

 Our LIBRARY project is a huge undertaking and thanks to great sponsors via South Africa and Canada we have been moving forward slowly but surely.  We had to wait for the rainy season to get everything on its way.  The Library will not just bless our local children but will also have a huge impact on the literacy endeavor we are undertaking in the community and specifically with women in the area.  We hired local community members to be part of our Library building project.

The foundation of the library are finished and the local community members are helping to fill the foundation so building can start.

In the meantime we appointed a new cook in our Bush Kitchen.  Armando Jaime currently serves about 180 children in the school.  He has proved himself as a loyal and hard worker and has been working for the mission for a few years now.  He loves children and is part of our mentoring staff at the school.
The Library project is not the only project at the school.  We are busy installing a water tank and water lines (clean borehole water that is) to the bush clinic as well as to our kitchen.  This means that all our children will be able to drink and use clean water at the school.