I am looking at a mountain of folders filled with photos of all we are busy with on the base.  And as usual I realized that I have gotten way behind my journalism capabilities.  The stories are so many and so many lives have been changed just in the last few weeks it leaves me breathless.  From Education to Spiritual formation and rebirth, evangelism and just by simply LOVING PEOPLE.  Looking at the pile of articles in front of me makes me realize just how busy GOD is in the restoration business.  And doing this … HE is using ordinary people who is willing to step out …. and take the challenge.

Mercy Air team arriving in force!

Over the past few weeks, we have had the privilege of receiving a number of short term mission guests.  Among them was a team from Mercy Air, South Africa. 
 Anne Herbert, one of Mercy Air’s team members, has provided much help and support to our student remedial education effort over the years already.  
She was able to accompany the current team and dedicate her time here to helping train mission staff members in student assessment and basic literacy and numeracy activities.  Here are some of the highlights of the day.

Before we started the day at our bush school it was games as usual (just to get everyone’s attention)!  Our volunteer staff and guests got into the action very quickly.

Vicky – a medical researcher from the UK visited the school and soon had everyone joining her for games.
Whoola-Whoop gang!

And off to work we go!

Mathematics, colors and other educational games helped kids to get a grip on what they understand and what not.  The purpose of the training was to help teacher how to assess if students struggle and how to correct problems quickly and efficiently.

Anne Herbert from Mercy Air, South Africa is a specialist when it comes to remedial teaching for children.
And what would life be if there is no reward for a good student!!!!
It was a long day for the kids but they enjoyed every single minute of it!
Students gathered in small groups to assess if they understood what they have learnt.
Anne Herbert created a lot of materials from scratch to help Mozambique in far off areas to also have the opportunity to read and write.
Even some of our adult staff was trained!
At the end of a long long day .. .lunch was served to hungry students.

Special thanks to Mercy Air crew and staff for being such a ‘merciful’ team and serving the way you do.  Much appreciated.  (Photos:  Paul Middleton, Francois Rauch, Lynn Lagore)