It was an interesting day ….. 27 January 2014.  While I was busy with our pedagogic staff members preparing them for the new school year …. rain poured down in buckets.  Without knowing what was about to happen we continued a few miles away … while the river that forms the boundary to our farm was about to burst its banks and were heading straight to the farm.  The photos will tell the proper story though!
Preparing for the new school year takes a lot of planning as my learned friends found out yet again!


Serious discussions … well for some!


Teaching staff for 2014!
Heading back home we found our small and tamed river … furious and in action!


The river was heading to our mission base … and by the looks of it …. had a mind of its own.

No more veggie garden … no more bananas and no more river pump!



Where we once had a veggie garden was now a raging river.

Today …. on the farm!