No apologies on why my postings has been quiet.  Absolutely none.  Not even the fact that on my way back to the bush I was yet again stopped by Zimbabwean police and fined for the fact that  my vehicle’s fire extinguisher is undersized!  Imagine that … ‘undersized’!  But as you know “This Is Africa” – TIA.  These small things doesn’t amuse us much and though it may have taken US$20 from my pocket – there is much more at stake.

Take for example life on the base.  The Aviation team on the base under leadership of Dwight Lagore has faced tremendous battles to make this dream come true.  I simply cannot count the amount of phone calls, paper trails followed up, 1 000’s of kilometers traveled, meetings and more meetings after many many years. This didn’t stop the team to continue … to persevere and keep going at it.  And then it happened …… miracle above miracles ….!  I will let Dwight Lagore explain in his own words how if felt landing the mission’s Cesna on the airstrip:

The number 13 is plagued with much superstition.  The number 13 is so widely perceived as unlucky, in fact, that some buildings’ elevators and list of floors leave that number out altogether and skip from 12 to 14.  I can only imagine this is because many refuse to rent on the 13th floor!  When 2013 started, I had it in my heart to challenge our sponsors and supporters to help us make this the most blessed year ever and demonstrate the awesome power of the gospel and our faith in Christ and His victory, to disprove the lies of skepticism, doubt and darkness.

Turns out, i did not have to challenge anyone!  Living out faith courageously has simply enabled us, the mission, and all our amazing and generous supporters and friends to see God bring about awesome things.  And the icing on the cake happened on the last day of the year ….. December 31, 2013!
A dream is realized!

After more than 5 years of hard work, sweat and much stress.  And after reams of paperwork, heavy duty machines that overshot budgets two times, inspections, and even more inspections.  Even right up until the very last morning, there were hold-ups due to politicians, government officials, and police who wanted to make sure everything was done right and communicated with the right people.  But finally, after all that, yesterday we had the great joy of the first use of our airstrip for the very first time.

A time of prayer and thanksgiving.

The mission staff and local community representatives lined the apron area with green, leafy branches in hand dancing and singing and celebrating as i landed the mission Cessna.  Andreas (Andy) Kuret, our other pilot, accompanied me and after I landed, I changed places with him and let him pilot the plane for its first take-off and second landing to even more dancing and celebration.

Staff and community representatives lining the runway in celebration.
We then enjoyed a number of speeches, some snacks, and even a slide show shown by projector on the side of the hangar telling the history of the project and of God’s amazing provision.  This achievement has really all been about God and His orchestration to bring so many amazing people together to get this done.  I simply cannot catalog all the generous souls who made this happen for fear that someone will get left out.  But we want to thank  you all and may God richly bless your lives in this New Year as you courageously follow Him and ignore the superstitious nonsense tat so often brings fear into our lives limiting the awesome things God wants to do!
Sharing the challenges as well as the wonderful stories of how this came about.
Opening the doors to 2014 filled with new dreams for a better future for the country of Mozambique and her people …. by the grace of God!

Photos and article by:  Dwight Lagore