The Women Literacy center is showing great signs of finishing after much sweat and perseverance.  The final touches are being added and shelves are currently build into the center.  But it always takes a team effort to finish a project like this.  The Mozambican team needs to be mentioned over and over again … as they continued to labor in hot weather.  The official opening is planned for 2014.  Will keep you posted and more pictures to follow – after all …. we can’t give everything away now!!!!

The last finishing touches on the Women Literacy Center floor!
The team … with Alta doing quality control!  
The other part of the team … is the carpentry team.  These guys are locally trained and are doing absolutely fantastic work.

The official woodwork shop on the mission base!  We have all been blessed by their professional work.
The dream team:  Left to right is Gabriel Lucas (Chief carpenter), Marcos Bazero (Helper) and Felix (Helper).