So by this time you know that we are out in the bush in Central Mozambique – with very little help or stores available.  So what do you do when the Women Literacy Center needs a counter in the Women’s Center to sell their hand made products?  Specially if you have never seen one!  Well …. there is a few obstacles to cross:

1.  Cross the language barrier.
2.  Always use your hands to explain.
3.  Draw the object.
4.  Buy the right wood.
5.  Quality control.
6.  And make sure if you are a women doing all of this …. that you explain this 7 times.
7.  And … WOLA!
Well … by now you know the A-TEAM!
And there you have the end result … well … nearly!

And while all of this happens ….. the rest of the team are making sure all of the windows are fitted …. getting ready for the big day!