I’ve known Prosper Fernando since he was 4 years old.  He always played around our Primary school deep in the bush.  His dad was our kitchen cook at the school – a gracious man who fled the Mozambican bush war and learnt his culinary trade in Zimbabwe.  He returned after the war and brought back most of his children.  Prosper was one of them.  A very clever little boy with big eyes and a bright smile.  After attending our school for a short while he was moved away to his village to finish his secondary schooling.  After spending time with him he shared his dream with us to become an accountant.  

As things are in Mozambique studying is not an easy thing to do.  Very soon doors were shut and Prosper was left without a dream.  This didn’t stop him at all.  “If one door closes another opens”, he said  with a big smile.  “I will try my hand at mechanical engineer.  Do you think I can do it?”, he said starring at me.  “I think you can and should … without a doubt!”.  And the day has come.  Prosper Fernando, 21 years of age now …. successfully completed his 3 year course in mechanics.  Needless to say …. we are extremely proud.  Through many difficulties, no electricity, staying alone in a small hut – little food and long distances to travel – Prosper persevered …. walked the talk …. and got his diploma.

Prosper Fernando is walking proof of what transformational engineering is all about.  Not just changing yourself first, but in the process changing your family and your community in the process.  Prosper has a great future ahead and as I speak he has a handful of options to choose from.  This is to you Prosper – once a 4 year old playing boy …. NOW …. a smiling giant in the community.  Well done!  A special thanks to all who made this possible – special thanks to Johan/Andrea Lotz and Marieke Blaauw  and the many others who helped all of us make this possible.

Here is his special day …. frame by frame.
It’s very easy to spot Prosper Fernando – the smiling engineer of course!

A proud mother and father also attended the graduation ceremony.

Aaron – engineer by trade and lecturer hands over Prosper Fernando’s diploma.

Congratulations are in order.

Class of 2013

A super proud mom and dad!

I have known Prosper’s mom and dad my whole missional life.  Beautiful people and a God fearing family which I truly love with all my heart.  VIVA BABA…. VIVA MAMA!

Photos by:  Heather Neufeld