Packed to capacity!  It was a 40 degree Celsius day … but they came in huge numbers to LOVE and LAUGH with us!

Everybody has them.  Governments love them.  Even semi-state owned conglomerates spend million on them. Companies adore them.  City councils do them in private.  And you have them too.  And believe it or not I found a question that the mighty GOOGLE could not answer.  The question …. oh yes:  “What does the average company Christmas party cost?”  I got very interesting answers …. for eg. “How to behave on a Christmas party” or “How not to get caught out on a Xmas party!”   Yes, I am referring to the annual Christmas Party – which if I may add – might just be the highlight of many.  They vary in cost from about US$ 250 000 (if your are in South Africa and part of the elite) or as low as US$ 450 if you are in Mozambique for about 300 children.

Well the school had no Christmas party … but we did have a HUGE farewell party as the 2013 school year ended on a high note.  There were gifts, food, something to cool you down and most of all:   A HUGE BAG FILLED WITH … JUST LOVE.  It’s interesting with how little you can get by with …. if LOVE is part of the ingredient.  As usual we had the top students, best performers, best sport athletes …. special guests … and just a lot of fun.

We even had a surprise from Sweden of all places.  A container that was shipped with medical equipment for our use had a few boxes of ….. believe it or not ….. sweats on board.  Needless to say …. we made use of the surprise! At the end of the event …. kids were chewingly happy and tired.  We sadly greeted our grade 5 students who will continue their schooling in bigger government schools.  Grade 3 and 4 had 100 % pass-rates and the rest did pretty well to end the year on a high note.

Special thank you’s to each and everyone who helped us made the year a great highlight in the lives of young children who truly needed guidance.  Thank you’s to South Africa, Canada, Sweden and all the individual friends who made a huge difference in each and every young life in Mozambique.  I salute you!  Here are some photos of our day: 

Top student for the year …. grade 3!  A lot of prizes … and a certificate too.
We have put in great effort to assure that our girls in communities also have the opportunity to good education.  Here is another girl receiving her top student award!
I am never sure who is more happy about their achievements – me, the teachers or the students themselves.  Top sport student for the year!
One of the true HIGHLIGHTS of the day:  TOP STUDENT and DUX student for 2013.  Chico received his bicycle as the top prize for the year.  In western standards this would be equivalent to a 100cc motorbike! 
Grade 1 students received their surprise from Canada – an identity card for each adopted student.  It contains a photo of each student with a message of encouragement.  They take great pride in receiving these.
Grade 5 students completing their Biblical studies each receive their own copy of the Children’s Bible.  With FEW BOOKS in Mozambique to buy as your own … this is probably the most cherished gift ever.
Enjoying the moment!
This is always one of my favourite moment.  Our senior students who is not part of our Primary school anymore … always pops in for a visit on PRIZE GIVING DAY.  And even they did not leave empty handed.!
We are about to start the party!  Sweats for Sweden ….. (wow that short sentence sounded so nice on the ear!)
Teachers getting ready to distribute sweats so the party can begin!  
A happy customer.  Armed with a Bible, ID card and sweats.  LIFE IS GOOD!

As it is with kids … the anticipation ran high.  Everybody was wondering if there were going to be enough for everyone! 
We even had enough for all the parents who joined us for the day!

One of our students collecting his friends ID cards … and happy to be part of the family!!