‘It’s dry …. “bone dry”‘, I hear someone say from the back of my vehicle as we jump through another pothole.  And it was a scorcher of a day.  40 Degree Celsius my barometer read as I leave home.  ‘Seize the day’ ….. I remember some intellectual said … but today was more that just seizing the day.  It was Thanksgiving in Canada or the USA … I forgot to be honest.  I always wondered why Africa don’t have a Thanksgiving Day.  We desperately needed a Thanksgiving Day.  There is so much to be thankful for!

Andy Kuret and his AGRI team of our mission base was preparing a banquet for our bush school.  The AGRI department of our mission base has been working very hard throughout the year to produce a few tons of veggies for our schools and even orphan projects.

On this hot Thanksgiving Day we decided to surprise our bush school with a bakkie load of veggies to bring thanks to the AGRI team who worked hard.  But also to thank GOD for the mercies and His goodness over us so we could eat yet again.

There are so many partners from Canada, South Africa and even Switzerland and Mozambique who put their efforts together to make this possible.  Thank you friends …..!

Andy and his team of AGRI workers from left to right:  Mateus (tomatoes specialist), Faria (foreman in charge of team), Americo (Litchi production) and Meque (cabbage king).
Teachers receiving the offering and thanking GOD for His provision!
Let’s have fun!

We arrived at the school with the usual celebrations and the kids welcoming us as if we were the presidential delegation themselves.  Did I mention that I really love this part!?  I really do … and the kids know that by now.  I get the usual hand shakes from everywhere … and after a few speeches we taught a few minutes on how phenomenal and important Thanksgiving is. 

Kids formed a line and everyone had the opportunity to thank every AGRI worker for his effort throughout the year.  170 Kids couldn’t wait to say ‘Thank you sir … for caring and helping to keep our tummies full!”  After I shed a few tears privately …. I do that now and then …. we celebrated Thanksgiving, the African way.

Proudly showing off the produce for the year.
Everyone wanted to help unload our vehicle!

Thanking God for the  mercies and grace bestowed upon us.

Our AGRI workers had the chance to dish up their produce for the kids themselves. 

A happy and thankful family!  VIVA