Missionaries from all over the globe together for a day of fun!
Meeting friends that we have not seen in ages in Cape Town. 
My soft spot …. chocolate.  Had to introduce Joao from Mozambique to this unique un-compromised taste of the best chocolate in the world!
Showing Joao around the Cape Town Waterfront – Pirot ship and all!
Joao showing no signs of fear … or respect for the Cape Town white shark.  Do I see a twinkle in that shark’s eye ?
Visiting the St. George’s Cathedral in Cape Town.
Always wanted to preach behind one of these!!!  Loved the Psalms and Hymns though.

Exactly the reason why we don’t build churches like these in Mozambique.  We call our churches in the bush ‘pack-up-and-go churches!!!
Joao and Henri Weideman in the Gardens, Cape Town.
And then … from nowhere we were invited to a house on a cold and frosty evening … for soup.  AFM Bellville group that visited us in the bush came together for a small reunion.
Joao making friends with a pastor in Kayalitcha, Cape Town.  Enjoying art together.