If you have been following my humble posts … you would probably realise that I am trying to catch up on all that has been happening the last 3 months in my life.  It has been hectic …. bush hectic!  As I look back at so many of the photos and all the work that has been done by God’s people I stand in awe.  God is truly good and HE knows what He is doing.  Working in faith has several advantages … and disadvantages of course.  From nowhere money came …. from nowhere co-workers arrived on our doorstep but God’s hand was in all of those.

We are breathless when we see how God has provided to help and love the precious people of Mozambique.  Although I am trying to comprehend it all there is just not enough space to tell all the stories.  Maybe one day when I am in a rocking chair.  But God is moving at a rapid pace and trying to stay with HIM is nearly impossible.  And that is where you come in.  With your help …. it becomes possible.  Thank you whoever you are.  YES … I know your names but in fear of forgetting even ONE I will force myself to simply just say:  THANK YOU …. in Jesus name …. THANK YOU!


One of the projects that we have worked on tirelessly was the women center.  Alta Rauch is building the center and has encountered so many challenges that I truly do not know how she came through the process.  A woman builder in the bush is a scarce commodity – so I dedicate this post and WOMEN’S MONTH to my wife Alta – who simply never never never gives up!  Oh yes … and here is the current progress report on the building itself:


Work on the inside of the building has started and will be completed at the end of 2013.