Early morning traffic on the Shire river!  Overloading …. no way!

Africa has many obstacles.  The blessings however seems more than the problems that you will occur. Traveling in any third world country will leave you scratching your head sometimes though.  If there is one thing that I absolutely never doubt …  it is the fact that Africans will always come up with a plan if disaster strikes.  But don’t fear …. in the end everything will work out …. if you have enough patience to wait until the end.   This might just help you on your travels.

My top 10 tips on crossing a river in Africa:

1.  If your vehicle doesn’t have 6 wheels (including your steering wheel) don’t even consider traveling
     anywhere close to a river.
2.  If it is not your personal vehicle (payed in full) … do not even consider traveling anywhere close to a
     river or phone your bank manager informing him of your endeavour!
3.  Make friends quickly … you will soon need all of them.
4.  Always have extra cash on hand to make no. 3 possible.
5.  Weight is never an issue and overloading is part of the package.  Someone will fish you out!
6.  Learn the language very quickly if you are in a foreign country.
7.  Never, never, never shift gears when you are already in the water.
8.  Pay attention to the point of entry and specially the point of exit and never ever back up!  By this time I
     assume you have already checked the depth of the water … otherwise you trip has already come to an
9.  If you do get stuck in the river …. and it’s an African river – a strong prayer full of faith would be the
     only option left as the first crocodile and hippo has already licked its lips.
10.  Never ever backoff to reach your destination …. it’s always worth it.

Trying to cross the river by ferry – much easier than trying to float myself over!
Crossing this river was done with great ease and great companions too!
Alta and Joao decided to cross the river the traditional way …. crocs and hippos quietly looking by under the lurking waters.
Getting back a few days was not so easy and after a 4 hour delay …. our transport eventually arrived in the river mist!
In the meanwhile …. arguing about the correct price is all part of the experience.