It’s August!  “So what”, you may ask.  Well I dared to question the purpose of the month August when my wife, Alta, gave me that glare that says:  “I think as part of the he-man specie ….. you should be very quiet now… and I mean NOW!”  It is times like these that you then quietly continue to do what the he-man specie do ….. apologize and try to find out exactly what August means in Africa.  WOMEN’S MONTH if you didn’t know.

One of our ‘imported transformational agent groups’ decided it would be appropriate to take the Women Leaders of our area in Mucombeze and treat them to a High Tea.  It was a day to remembered as they were treated like the Queen of England herself!  God save the Queen was not one of the slogans … rather God save our Women.  A day of arts and crafts, loving, caring, sharing the Good News and just embracing and celebrating women for who they are.
The honourable guests didn’t know what they were in for but were spoiled to celebrate Women’s Day.
Teaching women the finer art of needlework. 
Following the cultural way …. washing hands before eating.  Pastor Mariska (Blouberg Congregation serving a local Mozambican lady).
Praying for sick children is a big reality in Mozambique as women try to fight the many children diseases on their own due to the lack of medical services.
Tea and cake is a very rare commodity in the bush.  And there were plenty for the ladies.
A picture may be worth a thousand words BUT … a face like this …. says more than a book could!
“What on earth is this??”
Ending it off … as is the culture …. with dancing!