I was seriously wondering if I should do this blog posting.  And I catch myself many times placing question marks on my reporting when it comes to people’s dignity and of course privacy.  And specially when it comes to Mozambique and its great people.  With all of this in mind I have been trying for a long time to protect the dignity of Mozambique’s biggest asset – its children.  But providing an unique gift through our friends and co-workers from all over the world … is something I simply have to share with you due to the joy it brought to everyone.

Superman had only one advantage that our kids didn’t have – underwear to be exact.  I still wonder why Superman wore his underwear over his mighty outfit … but that is Hollywood’s secret.  It might sound like a joke but I assure you that was absolutely the truth when it came to our bush children.  Most children simply don’t have the luxury of underwear and we decided to tackle the issue head-on.  These are the most basic necessities that we never even think about in a more developed society but out in the bush where survival matters this can become a real health issue.  We were fortunate to meet a great gentleman in Stellenbosch Congregation who made 300 children very happy when they all received 3 pairs of brand new underwear, from fine cotton I might add.  We still need a lot so if you happen to own an underwear factory in China …. this is a SOS to you!

Anyway … it was a festive and dignified occasion and was welcomed by all the children with huge smiles as normal.

Brand new underwear for the first time!
Warm winter vests will also assist the kids during the cooler winter months.

 And then there was our PRE-SCHOOL kids ….!

Pure joy to receive …. as they call it:  ‘Our bikini’s’.  Super sweet.
A bit more serious …. but just as joyous.