All in ONE day!

If there is one thing that is very clear in Africa is that it is no place for lazy people.  Through ten days in northern Mozambique there was hardly time to catch your breath as we continually moved through the red dust of Mutarara. It was hot with early mornings and late evenings.  After my 15th chicken I was ready to almost become a vegetarian … but so is the grace of the people of Mutarara and surrounding areas.  If it had 2 legs and visitors were on their way …. that 2-legged chicken would not survive.  

We were nearing the end of our time in the area and our bodies felt the pace of the many visits in the various areas.  Today was no exception.  After a hot shower in the early hours of the morning …. it was out to the Zambezi river and to the mountainous area of Nikanjiri …. which if Iknew what I know now I would have never climbed the mountain with my faithful Nissan double cab – old Noah.

But photos tell the story so much more in detail …. let me share the story of day 7 in Mutarara: 

My famous Mutarara shower.  I mean it’s tiled and all and I was super thankful for the shower, BUT beware the wires on top of the shower where water is suppose to come out.  I still carry the marks of this ‘otherwise’ blessings.  Some of my teeth fillings should still lie there somewhere.
Mutarara – small village next to the Zambezi river which we used as base to work from.  You will simply fall in love with the people from Mutarara.
Alta started a foot pump project on the banks of the Zambezi river with her woman literacy project.  Following up to see if the project is achieving its objectives with the woman of the Toera region on the banks of the river.
Woman started to dig waterholes from where the foot pumps will work to irrigate their veggie fields to provide food throughout the year to families.
These veggie gardens will help families through the famine times – especially when flooding makes it impossible to grow gardens like these. 
Africa is all about children …. and they follow us wherever we go.  Inquisitive and full of fun.  And I always search for that amazing smile that says:  I am AFRICAN and proud of it.  VIVA!
Alta making sure pastors receive Bibles for the various women schools in the area studying literacy by using the Bible.  The success of the literacy program is due to the fact that the Bible is being used.  Most men trust the Bible and will subsequently allow their wives to attend the literacy program.

The WORD OF GOD is a scarce commodity in these forgotten rural communities.  One of our ASAM SBF program pastors – Past. Danger is receiving a Chewa Bible from Joao Benjamim. 
After sessions pastors and leaders and the woman of the villages came together to have a time of prayer and just being together with GOD.  Awesome times!!!
It is extremely difficult to summarize how great, humble and wonderful the people of Mozambique is.  Their humble and gracious spirits makes me weep often.  Worshiping in  Nikinjiri …. the church on the mountain as I call it! 
While we were teaching in Nikinjiri even the community leader and cultural chief of the area attended the Leadership seminar we were presenting.
A blind pastor that attended one of our leadership seminars receiving a Chewa MP3 Bible from Alta.  Because there is no Braille Bible in Mozambique many blind people has no ability whatsoever to read the Bible.  
Our blind pastor is being led on how to operate his first MP3 Bible.  If you could experience the joy when he received his Bible you would be overwhelmed as we were.  Wish you were here Vicky, Andrea & Johan??

More pastors receiving their Bible SBF certificates from the ASAM delegation.  I love the corn harvest in the background – made me think of God’s rich blessings.
More Bibles to the Bible School in Nikinjiri for all the pastors who do not own their own Bibles.
My wife has a true African heart.  While I am struggling to drive the road off the mountain (while destroying a wheel bearing), my wife scouted the road ahead by foot to help me get us back in one piece (and peace!).
At last …. back in Mutarara … and getting ready to leave the place we fell in love with.  Not much to look at …. oh but the hearts of the people!!