There is simply no way to describe my heart, I thought as I woke up in the early morning hours in a town called Mutarara.  I was humbled by the presence of the people of Inhangoma.  The hot water in my room was not functioning due to an electric wire that shorted out while I was showering.  A light shock and a gnashing of teeth was the only effect left …. but even that could not suppress the feeling in my heart.  We quickly swallowed our breakfast which consisted off white eggs and some bread with strong black coffee.  We were heading back into the Inhangoma area to teach the men today on servant leadership and to hand out their Bible School certificates.

While we were testing the chassis of my Nissan to the limit on treacherous roads we were suddenly stopped by an old gentleman who jumped out from behind a tree.  He was serious but too old to be part of the traffic police force who loves to jump out from objects.  I vaguely remembered him from the previous day.  His words were strange at first when he said:  “Francisco …. today I want you to make me drunk.  Yesterday’s words were like one glass of beer …. and then you stopped!”   “Ummmmm aaaah …. sorry sir but I’m not in the beer business”, is all I could get out.  “No”, he laughed and paused.  “I told God”, he continued without giving me a chance to respond, “that if you pass this road again you will have to stop and enjoy coffee with me and my wife.  We have biscuits too”, he said with a big smile.  I forgot my watch … this is Africa after all and  decided with my whole delegation to stop and enjoy some good Mozambican hospitality.  And it was great.  
The old gentleman and his family who received us with so much grace.  He stopped me on the road and would not let me pass unless we have coffee and biscuits in his humble home.  I left with a tear …. and wondered if I just met JESUS!
Mozambique always has a plan.  A clever maize silo for the family above.

 We got going much too late as I knew people would be waiting.  When we arrived the church was packed and I soon realized that we would not be able to fit in everyone in the church.  Like the women the previous day we decided to seek the shade of a mango tree to continue lessons into the amazing life of Jesus Christ.  Servant leadership and other topics were shared to the many pastors who never have anyone to encourage them.  And may I add … these servants of God do not receive a cent or any incentive for the work they do for the church.  NOTHING!  It’s a life of faith and serving …. and then I come to teach about ‘serving’.  It made me think of what true serventhood really is.

The day went by very quickly and after 6 hours everyone was ready to receive their Bible certificates for the various theology books they studied and passed.  Church pastors and leaders in the area are busy with a 6 year Diploma course in Theology and must study and pass 26 books – which they always do.  It was sad as I handed out certificates to find out that in the group we taught that 2 passed away the previous day without having the opportunity and joy to receive the fruit on their hard study labor.  But so is the life in Mozambique.  Harsh …. hard and while we bow our heads to hose who passed away a lady rises ….. and receives their certificates with much grace and joy.

The church was packed when we arrived by gracious men who waited patiently although I was nearly an hour late …. due to my late coffee invitation on the road.
Imagine a western church gathering where men are so hungry for the Word of GOD that they would sit for more than 6 hours in the dirt …. just to hear the uplifting Word of God.
I simply have to bring so much honor to a true hero of GOD – Joao Benjamim (right).  We found him as an orphan in Mutarara on the banks of the Zambezi river many years ago.  He is still serving the mission and a true man of God.  He interprets and speaks more than 7 languages.
Taking notes as we continue.  I stand in awe!
Very proud students receiving their certificates for successfully completing one of the 26 books they study on Theology.  They come from the rural bush of Mozambique – young and old!
After the day …. the people will simply not let you leave if they don’t give you an offering.  The community brought us some doves as a gift!  Priceless.
Proud students in Inhangoma after receiving their certificates.
And if we were not blessed enough …. eating together always ends of the day.  Sharing some good food with our family in the bush.