I love U2 for several reasons.  Life changers – reconciliation movers – justice believers – Kingdom shakers – God lovers – literacy liberators – world conquerers – ….. ok you get my heart.  By now you would know that I’m speaking of the many pastors in Mozambique (and Africa) who loves the BIBLE and wants to see every literate person in the bush have one.  By the way …. I love the band U2 too!

The U2-project in the bush consists out of a plan to make sure “U-2” can own your own Bible in the middle of the bush.  It’s mostly around campfires when I take out my Bible to read a Scripture that families would ask me if I could leave my Bible.   Because they do not read English it is mostly impossible.  The hunger for the Word of God is just enormous.   Our core requirement is that a person should be able to read and write and share the Word with others before they receive a copy of the Bible.   We also make sure that we are in relationship with people who distributes and receives the Bible.

The U-2 project started many years ago when we worked with our Bible School pastors who wanted to provide Bibles for their pastors in their churches.  Many pastors in the bush do not own their own copy of the Bible.  We have a great network of pastors who we have tremendous relationships with who helps as and identifies problem areas.  They make sure that as churches are planted pastors and leaders in the church has their own copy of the Bible – in their mother tongue.  “We have heard and seen many miracles”, proclaims a very proud pastor Tome Mabuleza as he tries to share the stories with me.  I borrowed him my camera to see what he could come up as he shares the Word of God with many.    The results were fantastic.

“I have been equipped to read and write but never owned my own Bible.  Our lives have been changed by the Word!”

Happiness is owning your own Bible.
This elderly gentleman, a devout Muslim, asked what the fuzz was about and inspected the Word closely.  We will keep you updated on his interested story.