Literacy rates in third world countries are plummeting. Mozambique has currently been shown as 187th out of 205 countries tested.  Finland, Greenland and Luxemborg has a literacy rate of 100 %.  With the USA and the UK at no 22 and 23 in the world respectively there is much to do all over the world.  Our vision in our bush dream centres in Mozambique are to make sure that no child leave our schools without the ability to read and write well.  The biggest problem though starts with the teacher – if he/she is not trained well in the art of teaching the illiterate you will have very little success as we found out several times in bush schools.

To do this effeciently we make sure that we put most of our efforts into our teachers.  We brought in literacy expert, Ann Herbert to teach our teachers how to teach by using the little we have around us.  By mostly using the 5 scenses and a lot of games teachers were taught to make the learning experience a lot of fun.  And as the photos shows …. it was a day of fun for our 4 teachers.

By using touch teachers learn how to teach kids effectively.
Using materials that are easy to create is important as bush schools are ussually without any  materials to teach.
Playing games to teach kids are essential to get the message accross.  Teaching really getting into the fun!