When you live in the bush it is needless to say that if things go wrong … they tend to spiral out of control very quickly.  When it comes to health issues this fact becomes even truer.  It all started with a small infection on my chest with swollen glands.  As usual I thought the problem would take care of itself very quickly and after seeing our head nurse and medical savior, Lynn Lagore it seemed all under control.  Well – it took only 24 hours to really turn bad.  The left side of my upper body was swollen, red and it was burning.  Lynn, our nurse took one look and decided that’s it … ‘out of here’!  

Luckily Lynn and Dwight was flying to South Africa in the SAM Ministries Cesna and they offered to fly me to South Africa without delay.  I always try to avoid flying in very small planes but when your health lets you down …. nothing matters.  I think they could have strapped me on the wings (if they dozed me of course)!  But what a great flight it was, sitting in the co-pilot seat.  I did say a few prayers in the moment and sure God smiled as He saw my little faith – barely surviving.  Dwight and Lynn graciously flew me down and organized the doctor and made sure every medical scan available (not really) was performed.  Many thanks to my lifetime missional buddies – being there when it mattered!  I salute you.

Some scenery on the coast – Paradise Island on the coast of Vilanculos.

And then there were two phenomenal friends at Mercy Air who absolutely just opened their doors wide so I could stay over a few days at the Mercy Air base in White River.  Paul and Cathy Middleton are both full time ‘Transformational Engineers’ for the Lord.  Paul is a true gentleman (and Irish of course) and Cathy a nurse working with ASM on various projects around Nelspruit and White River.  Their hospitality blew me away and I often thought while staying over (and enjoying chicken pie and Apple pie as dessert) how great God’s people are.  Thank you sooooooooo much Paul and Cathy.

And yes Paul flew me back to Mozambique within a few days of me recovering and receiving good medication.  I heard we were flying with the Piper Seneca III which was great – but it was the pilot I was praying for – and as usual with his typical great humor made us feel at ease. 

 Thank you Paul and Mercy Air for taking us all back to Mozambique.

NOTE:  Please note photos taken by Dwight Lagore and Paul Middleton (and maybe even Rick Cogbil).  I love big photos so apologies if the quality didn’t turn out to be super fine.